Panakron farm…the essence of the revival & demonstration of traditional agricultural occupations & agribusiness.

This multifunctional farm is a nucleus of the revival & demonstration of traditional agricultural occupations that have largely disappeared due to the modernisation of agriculture & animal husbandry. The main purpose of the farm is to present traditional rural pursuits to visitors from far & wide, bringing them closer to the time-honoured way of life in Crete.

Centre for Experiential Environmental Studies

An invaluable experience for farmers, schoolchildren, students and visitors alike. There are various buildings and outbuildings to explore, each of which hosts different activities and offers extensive information on bio-farming.

Organic farming is practised faithfully on the farm. Modern & traditional methods of production of agricultural products without the use of chemical fertilizers & pesticides are carried out on the estate, which is controlled & certified by a national body. Visitors can observe up close a large variety of Cretan wild vegetation and cultivated plants, both annual and perennial. First-hand information is also given about the ways of cultivation, harvesting & processing of plant products, which are in line with the protection of the environment and honour organic agriculture.

The farm demonstrates new technologies such as composting of organic residues for the production of topsoil, organic crops and other bio-waste.